Urban Massage selects Evident to evolve service on multiple platforms.

08/8/2016 | News

We’re excited to announce that London based start up, Urban Massage has selected Evident as their digital design partner as we look to enhance their desktop customer booking experience.

Urban Massage are a fast moving start up based in London and servicing a number of cities and countries. We’ll be focusing on enhancing their website user/booking journey in order to provide the most efficient and quick form of booking online. Due to the success of their IOS application and heavy user base, Urban Massage decided that they want to review the way users book on their website, over the next few months we’ll be reviewing and redesigning the online booking process to provide a more intuitive and user-focused journey to booking a massage.


Urban Massage is the new way for people to book and experience a professional massage at home, work or at a hotel. As a service they connect you to the massage you want, when you want it.

The London based SAAS (Software as a service) company created their Uber-style massage service in order to provide ‘same day/hour’ on demand massages. After the launch of their IOS app and initial website launch they start to see large amount of acceleration in the market, tapping in to the many hotels and luxury businesses in the city environment.